Clinton To Make Gender Issues Key to Presidential Bid

Emilio Cogliani

Clinton To Make Gender Issues Key to Presidential Bid

As Hillary Clinton seeks to become the country’s first female president, it’s already clear that this time around, she plans to put women’s issues front and center.

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“Hot Bench” – Judge Judy’s New Show Is Eye-Opening!


Judge Judy Sheindlin (a/k/a Judge Judy) has developed a new legal show titled Hot Bench, and according to a March 31, 2015 New York Times article (courtesy of Yahoo! Finance), “it’s a surprise hit.”  Debuting in 2014, it’s already topping the charts as the No. 1 syndicated show.

The premise: a three judge panel hears civil cases and then retires to deliberate . . . all on camera.  The panel: former New York State Supreme Court justice Patricia DiMango, Yale Law litigator Tanya Acker, and criminal defense attorney Larry M. Bakman.  The viewer watches the deliberations and how each judge views the evidence and the witnesses.

images-2 Judge Judy Sheindlin courtesy of

The show is eye-opening in that the viewer can see for themselves that different judges view evidence and witness veracity differently. The show illustrates the truism that justice actually isn’t blind.

‘People rely too much on the judicial system…

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