“All My Children” actor David Canary dies at 77

Sarah Michelle Geller via Twitter

David Canary aka: Adam Chandler

Kelly Ripa via Twitter

David Canary, left, who plays the role of both Adam and Stuart Chandler and Jacob Young, on Nov. 17, 2004, in New York.

AP Photo/Jennifer Szymaszek

The “All My Children” star died of natural causes in his hometown of Wilton, Connecticut, the Wilton Bulletin reports. The actor earned five Daytime Emmy Awards for his work on the long-running ABC program.

Canary’s death is already being felt in Hollywood and the soap community, who have reached out on social media to offer their grievances and support.

ET correspondent Cameron Mathison worked closely with Canary on ‘AMC,’ and he fondly remembered his former co-star, calling him “kind, thoughtful and humble.”

“David has such a special place in my heart. As a young actor coming to ‘All My Children,’ I remember watching him and thinking, ‘This is how I want to be in this business,'” Mathison said. “He was always prepared and worked so hard to get every scene just right.”

“David played twins on “All My Children,” Adam and Stewart Chandler, and you could always tell which character he was about to play by the way he carried himself around the halls,” he continued. “It’s the kind of professionalism and preparation you may see on movie sets, but David was on ‘All My Children’ for about 25 years, working almost everyday, and it was it was such a lesson.”

Mathison credited Canary for being “patient” and “helpful” to him during his time on the daytime soap. “Watching David interact with the crew, his fans and literally everyone around him was a beautiful thing — always so kind, thoughtful and humble,” he said. “David’s incredible talent and five Emmys don’t begin to compare with who he was as a person.”

Canary’s former “AMC” co-star, Kelly Ripa, tweeted, “So sad to learn of the passing of the great David Canary. A incredibly talented actor. A wonderful man. I was lucky to know you.”


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