Actors Who Played Characters We Forgot About « 103.7 KVIL

Ever watch an old show or movie on Netflix and say something like, “Oh My God That’s Kristen Bell…or Sarah Jessica Parker…or Kaley Cuoco!!”.

Well then this list is going to be right up your alley.

Red Book Magazine put together a list of 25 TV Actors Who Played Characters You Totally Forgot About, and some of these really surprised us:

Kaley Cuoco of The Big Bang Theory  and 8 Simple Rules also had a role on Charmed.

Jamie Chung from Once Upon A Time  got her start on The Real World and Days Of Our Lives

Edie Falco stars in The Sopranos and Nurse Jackie, but she caught her big break staring in the HBO show OZ. She also made cameos on Will & Grace, 30 Rock and Law & Order.


Fred Savage not only starred in The Wonder Years  and made a recent comeback in The Grinder, he also has made cameos in Law & Order: SVU, and Boy Meets World.

Before Sex And The City Sarah Jessica Parker starred in 1980’s TV shows Squre Pegs and A Year In The Life.

This list is totally blowing our minds right now! Check out all 25 right HERE.

Source: Actors Who Played Characters We Forgot About « 103.7 KVIL

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