Amazon X-Ray, Baby

Do Amazon Things

“Isn’t that that girl from that movie?”

“Wait, he looks so familiar. Is he the actor from that TV show we used to watch? You know, the one with the hair and the face?”

“Oh, that’s that guy! You know, that guy. The one that looks like ET mixed with the chameleon from Monsters, Inc. Randall? God, Randall’s the worst.”

“…..yeah, Mom, that’s Steve Buscemi.”

Do your parents never know the names of actors?

Are you sick and tired of pulling IMDB up on your phone, just to prove that Gandalf and Professor Dumbledore are, in fact, not played by the same person?

Well, you’re in luck. Amazon X-Ray is here, and it’s awesome.

Next time you’re watching something on Amazon Prime (either on your computer or on your TV via the Amazon FireStick) press pause or the up arrow on your remote. Voilà: instant IMDB. You’ll see the information for the…

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