Rihanna Responds to Drug Use Allegations with a Coke and a Smile

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By Scott T. Sterling

After a video surfaced from last weekend’s Coachella festival that many believed caughtRihannausing cocaine, the pop superstar has responded in her own witty way.

In the initial clip, friends of Rihanna are seen dancing around her tour bus while the singer is busy doing something on the table in front of her with a white cylindrical object in her hand. After a brief cutaway, the star is seen holding her nose, which caused the cocaine rumors to begin swirling.

Today (April 14), Rihanna has taken to her Instagram account to squash the cocaine rumors in no uncertain terms, posting a picture sipping on a can of Coke with the hashtag “petty.”

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Rihanna has also replied to someone who posted the disputed clip with aprofanity-laced responsestating that she was rolling a joint laced…

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