Meeting — Now Mourning — Cynthia Lennon

WTNH Connecticut News

(WTNH)  In all the stories of show business near-misses, none tops the story of Pete Best.  He was the drummer in the Beatles right before he was told Ringo Starr would be taking his place..which happened right before the band became perhaps the greatest and most enduring phenomenon in popular entertainment history.

But the tale of Cynthia Lennon comes close.  She was John Lennon’s first wife, and she died this week of cancer at the age of 75.  The two married in 1962 after Cynthia got pregnant, right before “Love Me Do,” kicked off Beatlemania.  Although John and Cynthia stayed married until 1968, she found herself very quickly marginalized years before Yoko Ono arrived on the scene.  Beatles manager Brian Epstein, fearing a backlash from adoring young female fans, did his best to hide the fact that John was married at all, much less with a child.  How would that feel, watching…

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