Britain’s Got Talent 2015| Audition Week 2 | Jesse

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She’s cute as a button, but don’t get on the wrong side of this fearsome nine-year-old from County Armagh!
Jesse melts the Judges’ hearts when she first appears on stage, but they’re not expecting what happens next…
Could Simon have met his match?



Girl thanks Taylor Swift for helping bring her memory back

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Charli Robertson is like many teenage girls. She loves Taylor Swift and her music.

“I want to write about Taylor Swift,” Charli said to English teacher Mary Lee. “I want to get Taylor Swift’s attention.”

According to WGHP, the high school senior has been trying to get the country-pop musician’s attention for more than three years to personally say thank you.

“I wanted to say thank you to her for helping bring my memory back,” Charli said.

In the fall of 2012, Charli, who has cerebral palsy and is confined to a wheelchair, suffered seizures so severe they erased her memory.

“I didn’t know my own mother,” Charli said. “I didn’t even know who I was.”

“It got to a point, I was wondering, was she ever going to come back?” said Sheri Robertson, Charli’s mom. “[Doctors] had kind of given up because they had…

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Kardashian Family: It’s Fantastic That You’re Fully Supporting Bruce Jenner

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Bruce Jenner is bravely revealing his most personal feelings about his gender transition in a very public way. And it’s just terrific that he will be surrounded by his loving Kardashian family when his Diane Sawyer tell-all interview on ABC airs.

Kim Kardashian couldn’t have been clearer at the Variety Power of Women event on April 25 — she and the rest of her family, including mom Kris Jenner, will be with him watching his Diane Sawyer interview.

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Why Everyone Should Give Silicon Valley a Shot


Okay, I just watched the newest episode of Silicon Valley, and I’m officially convinced it is my new favorite show.

Before you say anything, hear me out:

Silicon Valley is one of the most innovatively hilarious shows on TV right now.

The HBO comedy centers on six guys who attempt to create a tech startup in Silicon Valley (for those of you who aren’t science nerds, this it’s the homeland of your faves like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube).


The show sounds like a wannabe Big Bang Theory but unlike the CBS hit, it doesn’t portray “nerds” in a stereotypically offensive way. It takes you on a journey with the cast, and while they can often be amusingly clueless, the characters are still loveable and realistic.


(via Bloomberg)

The humor in Silicon Valley is unlike anything I’ve seen in American television. It is sharp, witty, awkward and wry. The season finale consisted of a five minute long scientific dick joke. While crass to some, this scene completely sums up the general feeling of the entire series. Even when you don’t understand half of the terms used, it doesn’t matter because you’re too busy laughing to care.


If you’re looking for a show to instantly fill your post Game of Thrones blues, even if just for 30 minutes, give Silicon Valley a shot. You’ll thank me after you accidentally watch the whole first season in one sitting (we’ve all been there, shout-out to HBO Go).

**Silicon Valley airs at 10:00 pm EST, Sundays on HBO**


Betsy Gayle

Okay, I just watched the newest episode of Silicon Valley, and I’m officially convinced it is my new favorite show.

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