Is Tidal Music the next wave of streaming? Why Jay-Z, Madonna and Rihanna could be scary for Spotify


Jay-Z has persuaded friends such as Rihanna and Madonna to throw their weight behind his Tidal music streaming service (Picture: AP Photo/iHeartRadio, John Shearer)

Good news for audiophiles and music megastars: Jay-Z wants to give listeners CD-quality music streaming and give more cash to musicians. He’s persuaded Beyonce and a host of pop star pals to join his recently acquired Tidal, which could be a serious rival to Spotify.

What’s Tidal all about?

Tidal offers CD-quality streaming using what’s known as lossless compression.

With normal music streaming, certain frequencies are removed to make the sound files smaller. If too much is removed, the sound quality suffers and the song sounds splashy and mushy. Lossless doesn’t have that problem.

Do people really want CD quality downloads?

That’s a good question. Ageing rocker Neil Young launched a lossless music player, the Pono, to widespread public indifference last year.

Most people seem quite happy…

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