New Roman Polanski Extradition Request: U.S. “Determined” To See Director Face American Justice


The Oscar-winning director is still very much wanted and desired by American prosecutors. Just less than three weeks after a LA Superior Court judge rejected attempts to close the book on Roman Polanski’s statutory rape conviction from the late 1970s, the U.S. has asked Poland to hand over the director.

“We are not going through the motions on this,” a source close to LA County DA Jackie Lacey’s office tells me. “We are determined to see Polanski appear in an American courtroom and face American justice.” Officially, the DA’s Office has no comment on the matter, according to a spokesperson.

However, a spokesman for the Prosecutor General’s office in Warsaw said the valid extradition request will be passed on to local prosecutors in Krakow to take next steps. “Prosecutors will want to summon Polanski for questioning,” Polish Prosecutor-General’s office spokesman Mateusz Martyniuk told Reuters today.

The Polish-born and French-based Polanksi is in Krakow preparing to shoot…

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