The Tumultuous Stories Behind The Three Worst ‘SNL’ Seasons



Saturday Night Live‘s big 40th anniversary special is airing this Sunday, and while the show has given us tons of laughs over the years, not all of its 40 seasons have been highly regarded among critics. Specifically, there are three seasons in that people think of when they think of SNL at its worst. Let’s look at the stories behind those seasons:

1980-81 – The Not Ready For Not Ready For Primetime Players

Considering how much Lorne Michaels is associated with SNL now, it’s strange to think that their would ever be a time when the show could exist without him. But after the fifth season, Lorne left, and Jean Doumanian was brought in as the new executive producer. Perhaps more importantly, the entire cast left along with him. Hey, when SNL started, it starred a bunch of no-name actors, so surely a new bunch of fresh-faced kids without much…

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