Unrecognizable: Uma Thurman Surprises Red Carpet with New Look

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HOLLYWOOD, CA-We all know the pressure to look our best is always on, behind every Instagram filter, that high definition make-up and the occasional nip and tuck, women got it tough!

On Tuesday, no one could relate more than Uma Thurman.

After hitting the red carpet for the premiere of her NBC show The slap, Thurman turned heads, but not for the reason she was hoping for.

The internet provided a slap of its own, saying Uma’s face was unrecognizable and igniting rumors she went under the knife.

Come on guys, even if she did get some Botox, let’s cut Uma some slack, the pressure to stay fresh faced can really take a toll.

But she isn’t the only leading lady to face some scrutiny, just ask Rene Zellwegear, Melanie Griffith or Heidi Montag.

Have we all forgotten what a cool girl Thurman is? After all, no…

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