ℝandom ℝecurring TV ℂharacters I Love, Part 3: Jazz


Jazz: I give you… The Hoodlum Pages! Okay, let’s see here. (Jazz flips through the pages)

Jazz: Counterfeiters… Extortionists… Car Salesmen… Ah, here. Guys who take dives…(Jazz hands Will the book and he scans the page.)

Will: Wait, wait, wait. So you’re telling me, that this guy will let someone hit him ten times for $40?!

Jazz: Mention this ad and he’ll throw in a head-butt.

Will: Oh, okay, so this dude’ll  come down to the Peacock, stir up a little fray, I take him down, and Lisa and everybody will think I’m a hero. Aight, thanks, man! Hey, by the way, where’d you get this?

Jazz: I stole it.

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