Today’s #WildRide – The 2015 Saleen “Black Label” Mustang

hot news BY IZZIE


It’s the talk of the town this week for every car nut, as Saleen has just released all the juicy specs on the new Black Label pony. Seeing as SEMA is eagerly lurking around the corner, the timing of this news couldn’t be any better.

So. How about boosting a supercharged vehicle? Ummm…Yes, please! Who would turn down such an alluring opportunity. Obviously the big guys over at FORD went with their guns on this one and the result is the new 2015 302 Saleen Mustang; also available with the Black Label option, which is the full ride, baby!

Arriving under its “Yellow Label” handle, this new edition gives the Mustang’s V 8 engine, which already boasts a supercharger, HELLO…and boosts its output to 649 hp and 565 lb-ft of torque. Handling, braking, and body mod’s are also part of the bundle, delivering an absolutely thrilling driving experience.

However. If you’re anything…

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